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Q2 of 2024

Police Motor Officer Skills for All Riders

A motorcycle training class so unique that you can't afford to miss it, your life may depend on it! ProRider's advanced motorcycle training classes teach the same training exercises used by police motor officers and motorcycle rodeo competitors. 


We will teach you to apply tried and true riding techniques that are guaranteed to improve your riding ability and riding confidence.


Classes cover low speed maneuvers, confined space turns, crash avoidance, and various braking challenges. ProRider courses are conducted by police motor officers and civilians who have successfully completed police motor school. 


If you're an experienced rider, who desires to take your riding skills to the next level, increase your abilities, and have fun in the process... come ride with us in an upcoming class.


About ProRider

Mission Statement

ProRider aims to provide a challenging, fun and safe learning environment that will allow participants to enhance their riding experience by developing rock solid confidence on the road and gaining ultimate control of their ride.

A little about ProRider

Thank you for taking the time to visit ProRider's website and learn more about our classes. While you can find detailed information about our offerings throughout the website, I would like to take this opportunity to share with you the story of how ProRider came to be.


After recognizing the value of motor school training for police officers, we sought to explore motorcycle training options available to civilians. We were disappointed to discover that there were few options available that compared to the advanced skills taught in police courses. While the Motorcycle Safety Foundation provides excellent training for beginners and intermediate/refresher riders, advanced skills were not incorporated into civilian classes.


Realizing the tremendous opportunity to bring advanced skills to civilian riders, we collaborated with police motorcycle officers and other instructors to obtain feedback and ideas. The response was overwhelmingly positive for the idea of creating a civilian riding course modeled after police motorcycle exercises and techniques, including crash avoidance, proper threshold braking, and street skills.


With the input of motor officer instructors, we developed three challenging and rewarding course options for experienced riders: the Advanced Riders Course, Precision and Control Course, and Defensive Riding Course. We launched our classes in Fall 2013 and have since expanded to 72 training locations nationwide. Each Training Site is independently licensed and operated, but meets a rigorous approval process and conforms to the high standards established by prorider.


While each Training Site and instructor brings their own unique approach to the learning process, all affiliates of ProRider are dedicated to providing an exceptional training experience and equipping riders with the skills and confidence needed to reach their full potential. We invite you to join us for an upcoming ProRider class and take your riding abilities to a new level.

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